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What do I need to commision you?

A reference picture of the character or animal you want made. You will also need to have an idea in mind of what kind of plush you want, custom, feral, or persona. It helps if you are as specific as possible when describing what you want.

How do I contact you?

You can email me at, DM me through my twitter @PlushCercius, or add me on discord at Cercius#8388

What are your plushies made of?

They are made of minky and faux fur fabric. Stuffed with poly-fil stuffing and weighted bead where appropriate. They can also have wiring, or a plastic armature if they are poseable.

Do you send WIP pictures?

Yes! I try to send update pictures whenever requested or significant progress is made.

Are your commissions open?

No. I am currently working through my old commission backlog and I will not be taking on any new projects until that is finished. I have set a tentative date in Spring 2023 when I plan to take on new commissions.

What won't you make?

  • Anything NSFW

  • A character owned by another artist without their permission.

Will you make ______ again?

Every plush I make is unique. The characters I make belong to the original commissioner. I will not make a duplicate of a plush I've already made unless you have the express permission of the original commissioner.

What's the turn around?

The turn around can be anywhere from 1-4 months depending on the complexity of the commision.

Do you ship internationally?


Is shipping included in the price quote?

No, shipping is an additional cost.

Anything not answered here? Look for additional info in my TOS below or contact me.


I have the right to deny any commision offer.

A non-refundable down payment of half of the quoted price is due up front.

Once the plush is finished the rest of the payment is due. If this is not paid, the product will not be shipped.

Once shipped, the commissioner will be provided with a tracking number. I am not responsible if the plush is then lost or damaged by the shipping service or the customer.

Any drastic changes will not be made to the plush once finished. Minor changes can be requested by the customer when the plush is still a WIP.

I own cats. Although I clean all commissions before shipping, it is impossible for me to guarantee that my products are completely allergen free.

I reserve the right to update the TOS at any time. 

A commision will not be accepted if you have not read and agreed to the TOS.

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